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Moving a Piano With Grace Moving

Pianos are heavy, expensive, and often sentimental; they produce beautiful sounds that provoke emotion like no other instrument. Relocating a piano is a task that should not be taken lightly! They can cost over $10,000 and have likely been passed down for generations. Finding the right piano movers to provide the piano moving service you need is crucial.

Most of the 30,000 pianos built annually have spruce wood as their soundboard. Spruce is a softer wood that can easily be damaged. Not to mention, antique pianos are even more temperamental than recently built ones. They can weigh over 1,000 pounds, and these delicate instruments must be treated with courtesy and care. 

Grace Moving is the best piano moving company in the Stanislaus, Merced, San Joaquin, Fresno, and Tuolumne areas. We have physical locations in Modesto, Sonora, Tracy, and Clovis to better serve you across those counties.

We’re experienced in relocating all types of pianos, including: 
  • Upright or spinet
  • Baby grand
  • Grand 
  • Digital 

Hiring Professional Piano Movers - Top Reasons

While some people don’t mind DIY moving, piano relocating is something most seek professional help for. This is for countless reasons, but mainly because a professional piano moving company can save you time, reduce stress, lessen the chance of damages, save you money, and provide all the necessary tools and equipment.

When you move a piano on your own, the chance of damaging your beloved instrument (or injuring yourself) increases exponentially. If you’ve ever witnessed top piano moving companies in action, you can attest that moving a piano is a complicated process that requires extensive knowledge and experience! The best piano moving companies will load the piano onto a grand board, roll it onto a truck, wrap it in moving blankets, and secure it to the vehicle's wall—the process involves a lot of taxing steps! Considering pianos are temperamental instruments, one wrong move can result in an out-of-tune instrument or irreversible damage. 

The dangers of DIY piano moving are extensive, but people have experienced damage and injury due to dropped pianos, pianos rolling away, broken door frames, cracked tiles, etc. When you look at the logistics, moving a piano on your own simply isn’t worth the risk! 

If you aren’t convinced, here are a few more reasons people opt for professional piano movers: 
  • Pianos are very fragile and must be transported securely. 
  • Pianos are costly and often have sentimental value; most are showpieces in a home and are considered art pieces.
  • Pianos must be moved on a dolly, kept stable the entire journey, and strapped down with heavy-duty moving straps. Most people don’t have the necessary equipment on hand. 
  • Professional piano moving companies will ensure it’s transported securely, helping prevent your piano from coming out of tune.
  • Pianos are difficult and expensive to move if you’re doing it on your own. 
  • Piano moving companies boast special training/skills.
  • We have the muscle and equipment to handle any piano of any size!
  • A top piano mover utilizes teamwork to relocate your beloved instrument properly. 
  • Our unique equipment is top-notch, ensuring a secure, timely transition.

Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

That’s right, not just any company can be a top piano mover! Moving a piano requires years of experience, specialized equipment, and ample training. When you work with the best piano moving company, they will provide the following equipment: 
  • Piano dolly (upright, baby grand, & grand)
  • Tie-down straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Shrinkwrap 
  • Furniture dolly - 4-wheeler with carpet on top to prevent scratches or scuff marks. 
Our trucks will have a liftgate or ramp to load your instrument efficiently. We will then tightly tie your piano to the truck, ensuring it does not move while in transit. 

Grace Moving has relocated countless pianos, meaning your instrument will be safe with us. Our crew undergoes extensive training in piano moving. We will adequately prepare your instrument and home before beginning the relocation process. We will disassemble and reassemble it upon arrival if required, then carefully place it in your home. Not all companies provide piano moving services, but Grace Moving has you covered.

Piano Moving Cost - What Is the Cost of Moving a Piano?

If you’re wondering what hiring the best piano mover will cost you, let’s dive in! Receiving an estimate on your instrument relocation is simple; a piano moving company will assess your property and piano(s) and offer you a detailed estimate—free of charge. 

The only way to get an accurate price on your move is to request a free quote from your chosen piano mover. Your piano moving company will evaluate the following parameters when formulating their estimate: 
  • Type of piano
  • Distance 
  • Access to the piano (is it on the first or second floor?)
  • Any special prep
  • Number of movers
Regardless of your parameters, Grace Moving will move your piano efficiently and at the right price! 

Choosing the Best Piano Mover

Piano transportation is no easy feat, which is why it’s essential to choose the best piano mover! 

You should first use Google to research companies. Check their Yelp and Google reviews and consider their claims and customer satisfaction rates. Companies with many employees likely have more resources to serve you better; opting for a team of background-checked, trusted piano movers is a great idea!

Key takeaways: 
  • Find a piano moving company with a low claims rate.
  • Your chosen team should boast countless positive reviews.
  • A high customer satisfaction rate is always a plus.
  • Opt for background-checked employees.
  • Larger companies with multiple locations can serve you better by providing ample resources and competitive pricing. 
  • The company you choose should be licensed, insured, & bonded.
Grace Moving is the best mover in Stanislaus, Merced, San Joaquin, Fresno, and Tuolumne counties. We boast a low claims rate, 40 background-checked employees, and a 4.8-star customer rating. We’ve been in business for over 26 years and have completed over 15,000 moves (many of which were piano moves). Between our four locations in Modesto, Sonora, Tracy, and Clovis, we have 170 positive customer reviews! 

Get a Quote From the Top Piano Mover

While moving a piano can feel daunting to someone who hasn’t done it before, Grace Moving is a qualified company that can handle your instrument relocation with ease! We provide piano moving services to Stanislaus, Merced, San Joaquin, Fresno, and Tuolumne counties, and we have physical locations in Modesto, Sonora, Tracy, and Clovis to best serve you across those counties.

If you’re ready to experience a stress free piano moving experience, call the top piano movers in the game at (209) 551-7772. One of our friendly customer service representatives will walk you through the process and provide you with a free estimate!

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Clovis Piano Movers

We’re top Clovis piano movers offering full-service solutions throughout Fresno County, including Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, and Reedley.

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We’re the best Modesto piano moving company, providing dependable piano moving services to Modesto and Stanislaus counties.

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Serving Tuolumne County, count on our skilled Sonora piano movers to take the stress out of your upcoming move!

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If you need top Piano movers in Tracy, look no further than Grace Moving! We provide full service solutions to San Joaquin County, including Stockton, Manteca, and Lodi).

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