Fresno Neighborhoods 🏘️ | 10 Best Neighborhoods in Fresno CA

Located in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Fresno is a city with a population of over 540,000. Fresno is the fifth-most populous city in California and the 33rd-most populous city in the country. The city of Fresno is known for its diversity, beautiful nature, and bustling downtown area.

If you are thinking about heading to the Fresno area, then you may be wondering where to settle down. There are many amazing Fresno neighborhoods for you to call home- but which one is best for you? These are the best neighborhoods in Fresno for people of all ages and families of all sizes!

Woodward Park | Affluent Fresno Neighborhood With Outdoor Recreation

  • Population: 58,752
  • Average rent: $1,912
  • Median home price: $510,000
  • Woodward Park crime: 48% lower than the Fresno average

Located along the San Joaquin River, Woodward Park is one of the best neighborhoods in Fresno, CA. The homes in this area are on the expensive end, with an average home price of $510,000. This is higher than the Fresno average of $375,000 and the national average of $421,714. Although the prices are higher, you will not be disappointed in the real estate. The homes are very large with spacious yards, and many of them come with riverfront views.

If you love the outdoors, then Woodward Park is the place to be. The area contains the actual Woodward Park, which is a park with walking paths and Japanese gardens. There is even a dog park and an amphitheater!

Bullard | Popular Neighborhood in Fresno With Many Apartment Living Options

  • Population: 100,730
  • Average rent: $1,539
  • Median home price: $358,000
  • Bullard crime: 18% lower than the Fresno average

Bullard is widely considered to be one of the best places to live in Fresno, CA. This is one of Fresno’s largest neighborhoods, with a population of over 100,000. Bullard is a very quiet area, but you will still have easy access to the big-city amenities that Fresno has to offer. Downtown Fresno is just 15 minutes away from Bullard via State Route 99. West Shaw Avenue also offers many wonderful shopping and dining options, such as Target and Pink Pantherz Espresso.

Bullard is known for having some of the best apartment living options in all of Fresno. The Woodlands Apartments and Reflections Apartments are both located in Bullard. If you are more interested in buying a home, you will find mostly single-family ranch homes in the area.

Roosevelt | Suburban Neighborhood With Good Schools

  • Population: 128,345
  • Average rent: $1,344
  • Median home price: $388,750
  • Roosevelt crime: 16% lower than the Fresno average

Roosevelt is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Fresno for families. The low crime rates and quiet streets make the area perfect for raising children. There are over a dozen schools in Roosevelt, including Burroughs Elementary School, John S. Wash Elementary School, Lane Elementary School, and Phoenix Secondary School. Many of these schools are within walking distance of the homes in the area.

In addition to schools, there are many parks in Roosevelt for your children to play in. Calwa Recreation & Park District is one of the most popular parks in the area. You and your children can come here to enjoy the many lighted soccer and baseball fields as well as a number of playgrounds and picnic tables. You can also check out the Fresno County Blossom Trail, which is a scenic drive known for its beautiful fruit trees and wildflowers.


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Tower District | One of the Best Neighborhoods in Fresno for Young Professionals

  • Population: 18,314
  • Average rent: $1,275
  • Median home price: $309,000

If you want to be in the center of all of the action, then head over to the Tower District. The Tower District is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Fresno, CA, and is known for its bustling nightlife scene. The walkable streets of the Tower District are lined with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Some popular places among the locals include Alchemist Coffee Lab, Tower Blendz, and Cuca’s. The Tower District is also within walking distance of Fresno City College.

The homes in the Tower District are some of the most affordable in the city, with a median home price of just about $300,000. These homes are small and charming, with tiny yards and cozy porches. You will also find numerous apartment living options in this area. Tower Court Apartments, Fultonia Apartments, and Tower District Apartments are all popular options among those living in the area.

McLane | Charming Neighborhood Close to Downtown

  • Population: 56,716
  • Average rent: $1,309
  • Median home price: $364,990
  • McLane crime: 1% higher than the Fresno average

McLane is one of the best neighborhoods in Fresno for those who want to reside close to downtown without living there. McLane is just 5.2 miles away from Downtown Fresno, which is only a 10-minute drive. You can also easily get downtown via the FAX bus system. Living in McLane allows you to enjoy a lower cost of living while still being able to spend your days in the downtown area. McLane is a very walkable area, with many cute shops and restaurants situated in the area.

When living in McLane, you will have easy access to the VA Central California Health Care System Hospital. McLane is also home to the Fresno Discovery Center as well as the Fresno Art Museum. The neighborhood of McLane contains the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, which offers dozens of non-stop flights to many cities across North America.

North Growth Area | One of the Best Fresno Neighborhoods for Retirees

  • Population: 2,295
  • Average rent: $1,578
  • Median home price: $700,000
  • North Growth Area crime: 60% lower than the Fresno average

The North Growth Area is arguably the best place to live in Fresno, CA. This beautiful neighborhood is popular among retirees who are looking for a laid-back style of living. The North Growth Area is situated along the beautiful San Joaquin River and contains the Dragonfly Golf Club and the Copper River Country Club. The latter club has a beautiful clubhouse, fitness center, and tennis courts. You can also enjoy the Solitary Cellars Wine Company, which is one of the most popular wineries in all of California.When it comes to affluent Fresno, California neighborhoods, North Growth Area is at the top of the list. The average home price in this neighborhood is $700,000, but many of the homes go for over $3 million. The homes in this area are typically gated and contain 5-7 bedrooms.

Southeast Growth Area | One of the Safest Neighborhoods in Fresno CA

  • Population: 3,848
  • Average rent: $1,600
  • Median home price: $250,000
  • South Growth Area crime: 99% lower than the Fresno average

Searching for the best place to live in Fresno? Look no further than the Southeast Growth Area. This small neighborhood contains beautiful real estate for an affordable price. Most of the homes in this area are single-family homes with 2-4 bedrooms. The Southeast Growth Area is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Fresno, with a crime rate that is 99% lower than the city average. The neighborhood is largely residential with no bars or shopping opportunities, and therefore has lower crime rates.

While there isn’t much to do inside of the neighborhood, there are many popular nearby attractions. Places such as the Sunnyside Country Club and the Grace Barn are just a short drive away from the Southeast Growth Area. You can also easily hop on State Route 180 to get to Downtown Fresno in just 15 minutes.

West Side | Safe Neighborhood With Top-Rated Schools

  • Population: 53,891
  • Average rent: $1,566
  • Median home price: $388,000
  • West Side crime: 31% lower than the Fresno average

West Side is one of Fresno’s most sought-after neighborhoods. This neighborhood runs alongside the Golden State Highway, providing easy access to other nearby cities. Although you can easily commute to other areas of Fresno, there is plenty to do in the West Side! West Side is home to the popular Island Waterpark, which contains water rides, pools, and play areas for children. Other popular attractions in the area include Inspiration Park and Gateway Ice Center.

If you are searching for neighborhoods in Fresno with good schools, then look no further than West Side. When living in this neighborhood, you will have dozens of schools to choose from. A few schools within the limits of West Side include McKinley Elementary School, Central Elementary School, Teague Elementary School, and Central East High School.

Mural District | Trendy Neighborhood in Fresno With Bustling Art Scene

  • Population: 651
  • Average rent: $1,395
  • Median home price: $165,000

If you love arts and culture, then check out the Mural District. Don’t let the small population of this area fool you, it is easily one of the best Fresno, CA neighborhoods. Walk around this charming neighborhood and take in all of the beautiful murals and sculptures situated around the city. You will want to make sure to check out the Cultural Arts District Park, where you can enjoy playgrounds and eating areas surrounded by some of the city’s best artwork. Head one block to the east and take a look at the Arte Americas, which is an art center displaying Latin artwork.

You will find mostly apartment living options in the Mural District at places such as Brio on Broadway, Broadway Lofts, and Fulton Village. When living in the Mural District, you can enjoy some of the best coffee in Fresno at places like Cornerstone Coffee Company and Fulton Street Coffee.

Edison | One of the Best Places to Live in Fresno for People of All Ages

  • Population: 25,638
  • Average rent: $1,400
  • Edison crime: 6% higher than the Fresno average

Edison is one of the best Fresno neighborhoods for singles, couples, and retirees alike. This beautiful neighborhood has a little bit of everything. The northeastern part of Edison borders the downtown area, making it a great place to live for those who want to be close to places such as Chukchansi Park and the Community Regional Medical Center. The western portion of Edison, however, is further away from the hustle and bustle of the city and provides a quiet sense of living.

There are plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities near Edison, such as Arnett Farms and Regional Sports Complex. The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is also just a short drive away from the neighborhood.

Fresno Neighborhood Map

Now that you know all of the best neighborhoods in Fresno, which one will you call home? Any one of these Fresno neighborhoods would be a wonderful place to live. Once you have found the perfect Fresno neighborhood, let Grace Moving assist you. Give our reliable movers in Fresno a call today at 209-551-7772!

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